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Soteria International presentation at Spiritual Human Rights 2014 Conference

Concordia, or coherence of the hearts

The conflict can be solved by communion of the hearts and not by rearranging the same forces that have initially triggered the conflict.

As humans, we have our senses – they connect us with the material, outside world. We have our reason, that connects us with the subtle world of ideas. All our theses, positions, opinions, truths reffer to this mind of ours, this reason. The mind takes hold of what the senses provide and build for us the rational world we usually live in.

The french thinker Pascal though, in the 17th century, thought that us, as human being, are possesed of yet another organ that further expands our world, our knowledge: the heart. He reasons that when we are in love, or have done somthing terrible, or in other such cases, the reaction that we feel we experience it in the region of the heart, in the middle of our chest. Its not something you feel it belongs in the head, or in the feet – its something that’s connected to the heart.

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Synthesis - Conference of Spiritual Human Rights – December 2014, Copenhagen

A new paradigm of conflict management based on the concept of Concordia, the coherence of hearts.

Some years ago, Soteria International started a collaboration with various spiritual associations and organisations defending spiritual human rights.

Thus, the first step was made i.e. working closely together and giving a louder voice within modern society, becoming more visible to policy makers and other important social bodies. Also, such initiatives became a source of inspiration for similar groups to manifest among other spiritual organisations or organisations defending spiritual rights. The debates were focused on different topics, as for example, last year, where the danger of mind manipulation was explored and its influence upon the human ability of self-determination and on how it could be counter balanced by a strengthened freedom of thought, conscience and belief.  

If last year the debates were still oriented more to identify problems or conflicts coming from outside, this year the approach was different, going towards a more functional and very efficient solution: what do we need to do in order to make these external problems and conflicts be significantly reduced? The Greek Γνώθι σεαυτόν (Gnothi seauton) or, temet nosce in Latin was the incentive that seemed to inspire all participants in their speeches and sharing experiences: know thyself and you will know the Universe together with all its laws, its hidden energies and forces. Briefly, solving inner conflicts appears as being the best possibility to significantly reduce outer conflicts.  

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Live transmission from the 2014 Spiritual Human Rights Conference

The live transmission from today's event:

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Spiritual Human Rights 2014 Conference

New paradigm of conflict management based on the concept of Concordia, or coherence of the hearts

Spiritual Human Rights 2014 Conference

Soteria International in collaboration with:

Ananda Assisi Italy -

Damanhur -

FOB - European Federation for Freedom of Belief -

LAYMS –League for Antidefaimation of Yoga and Spiritual Movements -

Truth Seminar –

SRS - Spirituality, Religions and Sectarianism -

invite you in the heart to participate to this process of finding coherent ways to solve the conflicts during the 7th Spiritual Human Rights conference.

Spiritual Human Rights 2014 Conference
Copenhagen, 10th December 2014, from 10.00 - 16.00

„New paradigm of conflict management based on the concept of Concordia, or coherence of the hearts”

at Concordia Venue, København Nordre Fasanvej 230, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

or participate online at

You can participate on Skype in order to put your questions or your comments.

Skype id: spiritualhumanrights14

Program, Wednesday 10th December 2014

  • 10.00 – 12.30: Morning session
  • 12.30 – 13.30: Break
  • 13.30 – 15.30: Afternoon session
  • 15.30 – 16.00: Conclusions

For further information please contact

Spiritual Human Rights 2014 Conference
Copenhagen, 10th December 2014, from 10.00 - 16.00

„New paradigm of conflict management based on the concept of Concordia, or coherence of the hearts

The conflicting state is the product of unilateral actions, lacking the horizon opened up by the understanding of other different viewpoints than our own.

Nature itself is a permanent regaining of the state of harmony and balance, an action of permanent compensation of apparently conflicting forces. The universe provides us with the most eloquent example of transformation of conflicting forces into complementary forces, the difference between the two aspects being as big as that between death and life.

Spiritual systems say in unison that there is a fundamental unity of the universal consciousness, a unique origin of everything that exists. The purpose of spirituality in general is to provide the path for regaining this universal, unifying factor, starting from the individual consciousness.

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Jan Hansen - Danish shaman

Shamanic Practices and related health and spiritual issues

During our side event „Shamanic Practices and related health and spiritual issues”, we had with a Danish shaman in apprenticeship from the Amazonian Sipibo-tribe, Jan Hansen, which is now convicted to 6 month imprisonment due to his beliefs.

Here is his story:

„My name is Jan Hansen, and I am a Danish shaman. After many years of meditation, psychotherapy and living with Buddhist monks in Thailand I came to Peru in 2007 to learn shamanic tradition from the Amazon’ Shipibo-tribe. After some years my Maestro invited me to be his apprentice, and since then I have practiced as a shaman. (...)

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Jungle Svonni - Sami shaman

Shamanic Practices and related health and spiritual issues

There are spiritual traditions, as the shamanic practices, that are spread around the globe, in Asia, South and Central America, and even Europe. These systems have roots going back hundreds and even thousands of years.

We had as guest at Shamanic Practices and related health and spiritual issues” side event OSCE – HDIM 2014 a Sami shaman, Jungle Svonni.

Here is his presentation:

„My name is Jungle Svonni, and I am a Sami shaman. We Sami are the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula. Currently our land is occupied by Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. My family migrates with our reindeers between Sweden in winter and Norway in summer. 

Our ancestral culture and religion is shamanic. However, the colonizing countries, like Sweden and Norway, have for centuries acted to exterminate our religion. By cutting our spiritual connection to nature through shamanism, the connection of all our culture is lost.

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Synthesis of the “Shamanic Practices ...” side event OSCE – HDIM 2014

Synthesis - Shamanic Practices and related health and spiritual issues

In an increasingly globalised society religions will influence each other. New relations and situations will appear organically.

Practitioners of certain spiritual traditions risk their human rights and even their freedom due to ambiguous, unspecific legislation regarding the regulation of illegal food and substances.

Shamanic practitioners risk to find themselves convicted and imprisoned due to ambiguous the legal status of herbs and other ingredients of shamanic ritual practices.

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