Integral Education 2010

Integral Education. Guidelines for Educational Reforms in the 21st Century.

Emotional Literacy – Prerequisite for a Spiritual Advancement.

Berlin, 8-9 October 2010

Venue: MAHA YOGA-Zentrum
Brunnenstr. 147
10115 Berlin - Mitte

The think tank on spiritual human rights “Soteria International” is launching a series of roundtable discussions and conferences, dedicated to the necessity of a paradigm change in education, under the generic title “Integral Education. Guidelines for Educational Reforms in the 21st Century”. These meetings aim at initiating dialogues between the academic world and the field of the spiritual dimension which has been progressively growing in its influence and importance over the past few decades and steadily taking its place in the scientific realm.
The new paradigm, which now is imminent, given the current state of affairs, will have to enhance symbiosis between human beings, societies, civilizations and nature. Such symbiosis can only be effective on a common ground of spiritual values and through continuous application of these values by means of specific skills, innate to human beings, but seemingly ignored in the race for supremacy. Moreover, spiritual advancement is hardly possible without deepening the practice of emotional education, not necessarily from the perspective of attunement to social norms, as mostly adopted by current educational systems, but rather as an established teaching and training of the mechanisms of emotions.
The first roundtable of the series is called “Emotional Literacy – Prerequisite for a Spiritual Advancement” and will emphasize on comprehending Emotional Education along with other practices of Integral Education. The participants to this roundtable are invited to discuss upon the principles of the current educational systems, what does or does not qualify as Integral Education, and to explore the modalities of introducing sustainable and efficient reforms.   
The roundtable discussion will start with concise presentation of alternative educational approaches of the 20th century, which have set a bold foundation for the emerging model of the Integral Education.  Most of these models have mainly emphasized on the need to liberalize the educational theory and give more space to the freedom of individual formation, rather than formatting according to certain social presets, as it has been done before. Some of these approaches have also contributed to fertile grounds for education based on spiritual values. Also, due to mention in this frame, is the significant importance that the borderline science is playing in advancing the field of human consciousness.  
However, despite the eternal nature of the spiritual values, modern societies still lack the proper understanding of such, hence the faulty outcomes of the present times. The spiritual values are inherited from certain universal principles that govern the processes of manifestation, and during one of the panels there will be a presentation of a work in progress – The Guide for the Citizen of the World, which is being elaborated in close correlation with the universal principles, aiming at a more concrete understanding of the spiritual values.
The next session of the Conference will be mainly dedicated to Emotional Education and its vast importance to achieve harmonious development. The participants will discuss on the role of emotions in human life, the mechanisms of emotions and of their control, the role of the Heart as the spiritual center of the human being and the spiritual meaning of emotions. Having this perspective, participants will transit again to the discussion about spiritual values and brainstorm upon what constitutes an emotional and spiritual literacy.


On the next day of the roundtable, importance will be given to the Education reform processes and the specifics of their triggering mechanisms. Participants will also analyze the role of the educators, aspects necessary to take into account while preparing the educators and how to obtain efficient Leadership in Education.
The last session will have a rather visionary character, since visioning is an important part of the educational models. Given the growing attention offered to the realm of Spiritual Values, there is a necessity to define Spiritual Needs and Rights, in order to ensure an equitable and just symbiosis. Having the concrete attributes of the Spiritual Literacy, participants are invited to draw which Spiritual Needs, especially the ones related to education, have to be satisfied for a human being to evolve on all levels and what are the rights associated to the needs defined. And since it will be a creative exercise, the Conference will conclude with a session on creativity, it being an important element of any educational model.
We are looking forward to welcome you at the exciting presentations and discussions during the International Roundtable “Integral Education. Guidelines for Educational Reforms in the 21st Century. Emotional Literacy – Prerequisite for a Spiritual Advancement.” taking place in Berlin on 8-9 October 2010.
Please note that in the same period, Berlin is hosting the International Art forum, gathering leading galleries and about 40,000 art lovers from all over the world. That is a wonderful opportunity to combine the savor of art with creative approaches of the academic world.
Please find below the proposed outline of the discussions. We are gladly welcoming your comments, suggestions and questions and kindly invite you to register for the roundtable event organized by the think tank on spiritual human rights “Soteria international”.




Day 1, Session1:

  • Overview of the main pathbreaking educational approaches of the 20th century:   
    • Democratic and Free Schools (Summerhill Schools, Sudbury Schools); Dialogue education; Humanistic Education. (Krishnamurti Schools; Montessori Schools; Steiner-Waldorf Schools). Transformative learning;  Experiential education; Progressive education;
  • The Emergence and Characteristics of Integral Education:
    • The role the borderline science is playing in advancing human consciousness.
    • Education and Human Consciousness: from mental pride to spiritual awakening; Integral pedagogy, Integral Transformative models. Education for wisdom;
    • Towards a new paradigm – A Guide for the Citizen of the World.

Day 1, Session 2:

  • Emotional Education – missing link between the field of materialism and the spiritual field:
    • The educative value of emotions;
    • mechanisms of emotions;
    • spiritual meaning of emotions.
  • Integrative Transformative Practice and other Progressive Approaches;
  • Emotional and Spiritual Literacy.

Day 2, Session 1:

  • Educational Reform.
    • Approaches to reform (Essentialism, Progressivism, and Holism).
    • Comprehensive Reform.
  • Spirituality in Teachers’ Education: Teaching with Heart and Soul.
    • Leadership in Education: the courage to teach, the courage to lead.

Day 2, Session 2:

  • Spiritual Intelligence as a Lens for a Better Understanding of Spiritual Human Rights/Needs.
  • Creativity – Essential Element of Integral Education;
    • Schools: no more formatting education. Creativity-stimulating learning environments.

Optional evening  program:
Visiting The International Art Show: Art Forum Berlin (07.10-10.10.2010)




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