Is Religious Diversity Accepted in Denmark & Europe?

Invitation to Round Table Event

Soteria International invites you to:

Is Religious Diversity Accepted in Denmark & Europe?

Date: Friday, March 17, 2017

Time: 17.00-19.00

Venue: KvarterHuset, Amagerbro

Address: Jemtelandsgade 3, 2300 Copenhagen S

Soteria International is hosting a series of events in order to foster a positive social environment for practitioners of different religions and members of minority cultures. This is the first of the 2017 series of Spiritual Human Rights Conferences!

During Soteria International's Spiritual Human Rights Conference in December, the effect of Globalization on the Freedom of Religion and Belief in Denmark and Europe was explored. Many questions and problems related to how tolerance, acceptance, and understanding of others' freedom of conscience, thought, and belief affects the application of fundamental human rights, on both a societal and institutional level were raised. We have therefore chosen to host another conference on this topic.

This will be a round table event where human rights activists and guests will openly discuss the topic of tolerance, acceptance, and understanding of religion and belief in Denmark and Europe. 


Some of the questions which will be discussed in the debate: 

1. What does tolerance, acceptance, and understanding of diverse beliefs look like in Denmark & Europe?

2. Is this reflected on an institutional level? 

3. What does this look like in daily life?

4. Is it our role to take a stand for our society or is this the role of institutions?

5. What role does education play in this matter?

We hope that this topic is of interest to you and that you feel inspired and motivated to take a stand! Rather than waiting complacently for others to come to us and solve our problem, let's take an active step in trying to solve the issue! So please join our round table discussion!