Manipulation of the Masses

Manipulation of the Masses

spiritual human rights ngo soteria international SOTERIA Symposium Berlin

3rd and 4th of July

Out of previous team researches and workshops in 2009 in the course of the “Peace For The 21st Century” Conference in Berlin and the “Spiritual Human Right 2009” Symposium in Copenhagen, the role of the media regarding people's education, the public shaping of moral values and the rootage of strongly biased or even misinformation came up as an important topic. In the context of the working schedule of SOTERIA's team, we saw it as a necessity to discuss education and manipulation through mass media and to underline the importance of these mechanisms for our society. SOTERIA Symposium “Manipulation of the Masses” will reflect upon this topic from different angles and we aim to find ways to open new and spiritual perspectives for using the power of word, speech and thought.





Saturday 3rd:

10:00 Introduction (Emeric Rüster)

10:15 Presentation Methods of mass manipulation (Dr. Phys. Doru Bodea)

13:00 Break

14:30 Presentation “Universelles Leben” The denunciation of a spiritual community in Germany (Emeric Rüster)

15:30 Presentation The freedom of reception: Another kind of mass media information we promote and we accept relating to our health (Meike Angelika Hünefeld)

16:30 Presentation of the campaign against the Danish Yogaschool Natha (Arthur Lederer)

17:30 Presentation - Advanced manipulation and propaganda techniques of psi – war and imagological war. Media Attacks against MISA Yoga School A Romanian Case Study (Gabriel Voicu)

18:30 Documentation Movie about MISA Case

Sunday 4th:

10:00 Introduction (Emeric Rüster)

10:15 Presentation of the campaign against the Finnish Yogaschool Natha (Johannes Suoranta)

11:15 Presentation Conflict and Peace (Natalia Shelaru)

12:15 Presentation Positive News - A new approach to social responsibility (Tabhita Reismann)

13:15 Break

15:00 Presentation Freemasonry (Valentina Radulescu)

16:00 Presentation Masonry Cases (Richard Tiberius and Maria Franziska Wegener)

17:00 Presentation Universal Principles (Meike Angelika Hünefeld and Arthur Lederer)

19:00 Summary and Conclusion (Dr. Phys. Doru Bodea)

20:00 Spiral Meditation “State of communion with all the spiritual paths” (Dr. Phys. Doru Bodea)