Peace for the 21st Century Conference 2009




International Conference: Berlin, 16th-17th of September 2009

Venue: Brunnenstraße 147, 10115 Berlin

The Peace for the 21st Century conference aims at opening new horizons and depths leading to sustainable future peacemaking.

The world today faces a growing state of conflict. The conflicts do not appear only between but also within states and are present even in the heart of the western world, in the form of terrorism. In this intense and general state of conflict we need a better understanding of the roots of conflict and the principles of peace. Through understanding these subjects we may gain awareness and control over the current processes and be able to attain true peace.

Peace for the 21st Century offers new perspectives on key questions:

- What is the role of the national identity in the appearance of conflicts and in the efforts of peace- making? Is the national identity acting as a source for dispute, or can it be a basis for deep and mutual understanding and cooperation between nations?

- Do the conflicts appear in random, or are there certain repetitive patterns? Are there forces which contribute to the appearance of ̈artificial conflicts ̈ for the purpose of obtaining individual interests? Do such forces occasionally use the efforts of achieving a military or diplomatic solution to conflicts - for the purpose of imposing particular agendas? If so then what are these forces and how can they be neutralized in the process of peace-making?

- Do there exist natural principles which govern the social and political processes and phenomena involved in the acts of conflict and peace-making? If so, what are these principles, how do they manifest, and how can they be used for achieving peace? What possible models for a stable and peaceful solution do we have, based upon the understanding of these principles?

Peace for the 21st Century gathers renowned experts on peace, conflict resolution, social and political sciences together with representatives of peace organizations active in conflict areas. Through sharing of experience and knowledge, and having a holistic and in-depth approach, the conference aims to shed light into these key questions. Together, we aim to form a new and more complete perspective and paradigm which will facilitate the finding of applicable solutions for the conflicts we face today. Knowledge and proper understanding are keys for achieving a harmonious and sustainable transformation. Together, we shall formulate new and efficient political, social and spiritual instruments for peacemaking and will experiment with their application upon various conflicts.

If we work together, we will find the answers to the challenges that we face. Now, more then ever, it is up to us!

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