Spiritual freedom

Unlimited freedom of the individual to practice spirituality

We support the unlimited freedom of the individual to practice spirituality. Our aim is to create the legal, social and mental space that allows for a free manifestation of spiritual actions in all their different shapes and settings.

Spiritual freedom thus means the right to integrate a divine perspective into the MANY facets of life. Work, family, friends, food, love, sleep, exercise or reading can be equally important dimensions of a spiritual practice - as well as church going and prayer can.

The work of SOTERIA is directed to acknowledge the growing number of people, who decide to follow an 'alternative' spiritual path in private as well as public spheres of their lives.

People and organizations with sincere spiritual intentions should enjoy the same respect and social protection as traditional religious practices.

In this light SOTERIA sustains a broadened perspective for the freedom of conscience and freedom of religion declarations, expressed as 'spiritual human rights'.

We invite all interested to contribute to our work for a better spiritual world.