Spiritual Human Rights


All human rights are based on the intuitively understanding of the inherit dignity of man, which in itself implies a spiritual view on mankind’s undeniable right for personal freedom and liberty. Still, the free and full unfoldment of the spiritual potentials of human life was not in the priority of the times and circumstances under which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was formulated more then 60 years ago.

Spiritual human rights are today yet to be formulated and ratified by international society based on the ageless science of mankind’s inner nature. Even when modern science today confirms these immanent principles of inner nature, the judicial institutions as well as social and commune paradigms still lack to integrate these aspects in the common understanding of human rights.

Soteria International argues that the needs and potentials of mankind’s inner nature should not serve only as the basis of the human rights in principle, but also as a practical measure of to what degree the human dignity is secured in every aspect of life. Spiritual Human Rights thus signals at possible failures of humanity within society and protect the freedom of our souls.