Spiritual Human Rights 2011

International Conference // Working Session

Spiritual Human Rights 2011

10th and 11th of December 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark

Working session for communicating the UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES of Spiritual Human Rights

Invitation for scientific researchers, activists and practitioners within the trans-disciplinary field of human rights and spirituality

For the fourth consecutive year Soteria International welcomes participants to a visionary conference on the emerging field of Spiritual Human Rights. This year’s event will be executed as a creative writing workshop with two days of focused effort on communicating the Universal Principles as a unique charter within the Spiritual Human Rights. The program also includes in-depth analysis on how to communicate spirituality in and through modern mass media and practical workshop for spiritual communities on how to relate to media in a constructive way.

The intention behind the Universal Principles is to discover and describe the fundamental and immanent ideas common to different cultural and spiritual traditions of the planet. The principles provide sui-generis guidelines for all citizens of the world. Embracing the common truths that unite people across nations and religions the universal principles constitutes a timeless foundation facilitating intercultural dialogue and sincere human transformation. The knowledge and practice of the Universal Principles contribute to the balance and harmony between the human rights of the individual and the needs of society - helping each person and humanity as a collective to address its challenges.

The immanent values and mechanisms of the Universal Principles can be observed and applied within a vast field of disciplines and arenas. Accordingly, during a series of conferences and working sessions across Europe in the period 2008-2011 their application has been tested in fields as diverse as peace-making, the natural ecology, mass media and the education system. Drawing upon the conclusions and observations from these sessions combined with new insights and latest research the SHR11 conference aims to raise the work to the next level by describing a complete and inspiring set of Universal Principles, with immanent practical value for the positive transformation of today’s society and its citizens. On this background we invite progressive thinkers and pioneering practitioners to participate in the formation of this unfolding field.

Addressing the scientific and spiritual complexity of formulating Universal Principles the SHR11 conference is designed as a creative writing workshop with a combination of collective writing sessions, round-table dialogues and presentations addressing the challenges of communicating Universal Principles to the general public as well as to the field of specialists within spiritual human rights. The event also includes networking activities as well as inspirational talks and energizers.

For registering to the conference please send an email with a short personal resume to registration@soteriainternational.org

The conference language is English.
If you have further questions about the event please contact Mr. Arthur Lederer at telephone +45 3064 5548 or email arthur.lederer@soteriainternational.org

We look forward to welcoming you to the Spiritual Human Rights 2011 international conference!
Soteria International