Spiritual Principles in Human Rights

Towards the ''Guide for the Citizen of the World''

This year's annual conference on Spiritual Human Rights will focus on developing and promoting the understanding of the spiritual principles as a platform offering efficient solutions to the challenges which human society is facing these days. These principles are common to all the traditions of this planet, and may be considered as sui-generis guidelines for the citizen of the world, helping to achieve harmony at all the levels.

The spiritual principles have been formulated during the working sessions of the International conference:  Peace for the 21st century, which took place in Berlin 16-17 September 2009.  The knowledge and practice of these principles help find the balance and harmony between the human rights of the individual and the needs of the society, helping each person and humanity as a collective to face its challenges.

Human Ecology

One of the main problems that humanity is facing today is the ecological crisis, which will be one of the key subjects of the debate. 

Through a dynamic program of speakers, workshops, and panel debates, we will explore the role and perspectives for applying spiritual principles for successfully facing this serious challenge.

Taking place simultaneously with the COP 15 UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, the Spiritual Human Rights 2009 conference is a highly important event, since the spiritual principles offer the solution to the problems of the climate change, the violation of human rights, and all other problems of modern society. 

The work and conclusions of the conference will be presented to the official delegations at the UN Summit, aiming to enrich the perspectives on this crucial topic for humanity.